Important hacks for Facebook Messenger app you should know

June 27, 2020

Facebook deactivated the messaging feature within its mobile app long ago. However, in exchange, it rolled out an excellent messaging client, named Facebook Messenger. This app supports an array of animations including stickers, emojis, and some very smartly integrated secret features that you’ll find useful. We’ve covered 5 useful hacks for Facebook Messenger app you should know.

5 useful hacks for Facebook Messenger app worth exploring

Facebook Messenger app is an all-in-one communication app. You can use it to create and share a link, invite people to join a video call, and hang out with your favorite people. We have already these topics in our earlier posts. Today, we'll show you 5 useful hacks for Facebook Messenger app that you'll find worth exploring. Let's begin!

  1. Use the hidden search function in a conversation
  2. Hide Facebook Messenger ads
  3. Start a secret conversation
  4. Share your location
  5. Mute story from a contact

Facebook regularly updates its Messenger app to make it better for public use.


1] Use the hidden Search function in a conversation

If you want to search for something that someone shared with you recently via Messenger app conversation, don’t scroll through the entire chat history. Simply,  use the ‘Search in conversation’ feature, here’s how!

Open any conversation and tap your contact’s profile picture.

Then, under the ‘Settings’, tap ‘Search in conversation’.

Thereafter, in the search field that appears, type the keyword you are looking for. The app will instantly display results matching the keyword.

2] Hide Facebook Messenger ads

If, out of nowhere some Facebook Messenger ads start showing up in the conversations window, remove them by following these steps:


Under the Chats window, swipe left on the ad.

Click on the Hamburger menu (visible as 3 horizontal bars).

Hide ad in Messenger
Hide ad in Messenger

Then, from the list of options displayed, select ‘Hide ad’ option.

The ad will be removed instantly.

3] Start a secret conversation

To keep a chat session with someone in the Messenger app strictly confidential, you can switch to secret conversations. Here's the trick for how to use the secret conversation in Messenger.

Messenger Secret Conversations link
Messenger Secret Conversations link

Tap the new message icon, seen in the upper right corner of the app.

Choose the ‘Secret’ link and then select the contact with whom you want to have the secret conversation.

Go to secret conversations
Go to secret conversations

You can also switch an existing conversation to a secret by tapping the person’s name at the top and selecting ‘Go to Secret Conversation’.

4] Share your location on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger app makes it easier to share your current location with any of your Facebook friends. This helps them to reach to you, without hassles. To know how to share location on FB messenger, follow these steps.

Messenger add icon
Messenger add icon

Open the conversation with the desired person and tap the plus (+) icon at the bottom left.

Share location in Messenger
Share location in Messenger

Tap the Location icon (arrow mark) and you’ll see a map with pin appearing at your exact geolocation.

Messenger Live location sharing
Messenger Live location sharing

Tap ‘Start Sharing Live Location’ and your friend will have an idea about where to find you.

5] Mute story from a contact

Don’t want to see stories shared by your ex in your Messenger inbox?? No worries! Here’s a way to keep them away!

Switch to the ‘People’ tab, select ‘Stories’ and tap on the story that you want to hide.

Mute Story
Mute Story

Next, Tap the ellipsis dots and select ‘Mute story’.

These are some of the secret gems Inside Facebook Messenger or important Messenger hacks you can explore to become a power user. Also, there are tons of other features including Facebook Instant Games and others you might like trying your hands on.

hope that makes sense!


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