5 Signals you should pick to replace Apple Pencil tip

May 26, 2021

A pencil is an essential item to have in your stationery. When its tip wears out, you must sharpen it to maintain control over the quality of your handwriting. Digital pencils unlike graphite pencils do not suffer from this drawback. However, they do require tip replacement as its plastic nib can wear down and get damaged over time. This post talks about the signs you should look for to decide if it’s the time to replace your Apple Pencil tip.

Apple Pencil on iPad

When should you replace the Apple Pencil tip?

Apple Pencil
Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil's tip lasts longer than most stylus available in the market but it still needs to be replaced eventually. Here are few things you should look for and keep extra tips for your Apple Pencil at the ready.

  1. Hard-pressing the tip while writing or drawing.
  2. When the roughness starts hurting the screen cover or actual screen
  3. Abrasive surface when running a finger over the tip
  4. The pencil is not responsive enough
  5. There’s a slit in the middle

Apple Pencil tip replacement

These scenarios are applicable for both the models of Apple Pencil, first-generation Apple Pencil and the Apple Pencil 2.

1] Hard-pressing the tip while writing or drawing

The Apple Pencil tip is quite sturdy and built using hard capacitive plastic, capable of sending signals to the iPad screen based on your input. Although sturdy enough to withstand rough work or treatment, the tip plastic material is more flexible and can chip off anytime if you hard-press it while writing or drawing. As such, you should always keep an extra pair ready with you.

2] When the roughness starts hurting the screen cover or actual screen

If there’s any wearing down of the nib, you might experience some itchiness or roughness while drawing on your iPad. It may become worse with the passage of time, indicating there's actual finish damage. You should not wait to order for a replacement then.

3] Abrasive surface when running a finger over the tip

If the pencil tip feels rough when you run your finger over it, it means you discard the used tip as it is nearing its end. This mostly happens when you drop the pencil, accidentally or you scribble it over a surface other than your iPad screen.

4] The pencil is not responsive enough

Your Apple iPad is designed to work with the Pencil flawlessly. So, if there are occasions where you need to tap hard, or re-tap to register your input, get the tip replaced before it’s too late.

5] There’s a slit in the middle

If you notice that there’s a cut on the inside of the tip, it’s time for a new point.


Where can I buy Apple Pencil tips?

Spare Pencil Tip
Spare Pencil Tip

Fortunately, Apple offers an extra Apple Pencil tip at no extra cost. You can find it in the original packaging box. If you have the box with you, open it to find the extra tip inside the paper sleeve along with a Lightning adapter. If you would like to buy a few extras, pick up a set from the Apple Accessories products shop.

How to replace Apple Pencil tip?

Uncrew Pencil Tip
Uncrew Pencil Tip

Hold the Apple pencil in your hand and unscrew the nib in a ant-clock direction until it’s removed completely.

Screw Pencil Tip
Screw Pencil Tip

Then, place the new pencil tip at the pencil’s tail-end and screw it until it feels secure.

Hope that makes sense!


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