5 health and wellness gadgets that can improve your life for better

July 16, 2020

Maintaining good health and a fit lifestyle remains one of the most actively pursued goals. If you're like most people and consider self-care as your major priority, read about these 5 health and wellness gadgets to gift yourself a better life, every day.

5 health and wellness gadgets to live a better life

Our list of 5 health and wellness gadgets will surely make it easy to boost your health wellness plan and that too from the comforts of your home. Check out our list of smart health devices.

  1. Upright Go 2 posture trainer
  2. Omron Digital Body Scanner
  3. LARQ water Bottle
  4. Muse brain sensing headband
  5. Verilux CleanWave UV-C Portable Sanitizing Travel Wand

Staying healthy and paying attention to your well-being goes a long way. Here's how you can get back to health wellness routine.


1] Upright Go 2 posture trainer

Good posture improves muscle and joint function. Keeping your body aligned in the proper posture is thus essential. Posture training helps in this. It trains your body to stand, walk, sit, and rest in positions where minimum wear and tear of the supporting muscles or ligaments occur. Upright Go 2, a tiny vibrating device can help you monitor such metrics.

Upright Go 2 Posture Tracker
Upright Go 2 Posture Tracker

The comfortable strapless posture corrector can be placed on your upper back. Once activated, it will remind you to sit or stand up straight with a real-time gentle vibration reminder. Through its regular use, you’ll be conditioned to sit up straight and improve your upright vs. slouched posture.

Scores of Upright users have already benefitted from the device and reported a posture improvement of 92% in less than 2 weeks! The wellness gadget comes with an App and a Training Plan. It offers personalization too!

You can find more details about the device on the Store Upright Pose website. The UPRIGHT GO is not waterproof! The price is 99.5$

2] Omron Digital Body Scanner

Body scanners have significant capabilities to detect health risks. As such, these medical gadgets or health and wellness devices have become a part of the health security toolkit around the world. Omron Digital Body Scanner finds a mention in this list. It offers a complete picture of your body’s condition. The instrument measures visceral fat that accumulates around your vital organs and its Full Body Sensing capability provides a comprehensive understanding of the users’ body composition.

Omron Complete Body Scanner
Omron Complete Body Scanner

Unlike other body composition monitors that rely on foot-to-foot measurements, Omron’s digital body scanner provides a complete body checkup. Its results are clinically validated!

It’s proven, the ratios of the water in your upper and lower body does not remain the same but keeps on changing throughout the day. The reason, the force of gravity pulls water more into your lower body. As a result, the electrical impedance of the body keeps on varying. So, if there’s more water content in your legs, other monitors such as foot-to-foot may show erroneous body fat readings.

As against this, the Omron Full Body Scanner takes measurements from both hands and feet. So, the influence the water movement makes on your body composition results is reduced to a bare minimum.

Omron Full Body Sensor Body Composition Monitor comes with 3 years of warranty. You can buy it from the official website - Omron Healthcare or from Amazon.com.

3] LARQ water Bottle

I bet, and you’ll agree the widespread use of single-use plastic around the world has accelerated climate change and this rapid change has become a high-profile concern. To slow it down, Livelarq has come up with a self-cleaning & worry-free solution – LARQ.

Larq Water Bottle
Larq Water Bottle

LARQ water Bottle is a unique hydration product. It’s the world's only mercury-free portable water sanitization system that purifies water in 60 seconds and neutralizes up to 99.9999% of harmful bacteria and viruses through a UV-C light.  The Smart bottle features a technology that intelligently activates every 2 hours to keep your water and bottle stink-free.

The bottle is built of stainless steel but it’s as light as air! The double-wall vacuum insulation from inside makes sure your water stays cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. The smart way to sip costs a whopping $ 95. You can find more details about the bottle on the Livelarq website.

4] Muse brain sensing headband

In today’s digital age there are more distractions than ever, making it difficult to stay focused, remain calmer, and sleep better. Meditation has an answer to all these worries and if there’s one product that can help you master mindful meditation, it's Muse brain-sensing headband. The wearable tutors you how to lower your stress, achieve peace, and calm through technology-enhanced meditation and sleep.

Muse Head Sensing Band
Muse Head Sensing Band

Its EEG technology uses advanced signal processing to interpret your mental activity and guide you to a peaceful mind. So, for instance, when your mind is calm, you hear a peaceful sound. But, as soon as there's a lapse in concentration, you’ll hear a rough sound, prompting you to get back to the peaceful state.

Muse is compatible with most mobile devices. Once connected, just start the Muse Meditation health wellness app, put on your headphones, and close your eyes to enter the stress-free world. Once your session is complete, you can review your results and track your progress.

The wellness gadget has the backing of researchers at NASA, IBM, YALE University, MIT, and many others. For price and more details, visit choosemuse.com.

5] Verilux CleanWave UV-C Portable Sanitizing Travel Wand

Among many places where germs and pathogens lurk, the window seats and the aisle seats of buses, planes, or trains are some locations where these organisms can remain viable for long. Naturally, surfaces contaminated by them can be the potential sources of indirect transmission. Not anymore! The Verilux CleanWave UV-C Portable Sanitizing Travel Wand can kill them all. 

The Germ Eliminating Travel Wand’s UV-C technology kills viruses, odor-causing bacteria, certain molds, and other allergens, on surfaces at home or while traveling.

Verilux Cleanwave Sanitizer
Verilux Cleanwave Sanitizer

It’s quite simple to use and easy to operate. All you must do is hold the 10”-long wand over the surface you want to sanitize for 30-60 seconds. Once done, the surface will be completely pathogen-free and safe to touch. Apart from cleaning surfaces at home and seats while traveling, you can use the rod for Chemical-free cleaning for items like cell phones, keyboards, toys, music players, ATMs, and more

It is also easy to pack in checked or carry-on luggage. The item currently, is not eligible for promotional codes due to low inventory. You can get it for a discounted price of $100.

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